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Products Introduction

Cable force of welding characteristics


(1) adopts the steel, Baosteel and other steel high speed wire rod for the production of raw materials, and the raw material into the plant after strict inspection before put into production, to ensure good welding material chemical composition and physical properties.

(2) the use of foreign advanced chemical plating, copper layer with good adhesion, coating thickness uniformity;

(3) welding spatter of small, beautiful shape;

(4) welding wire feeding stable, can meet the demand of long distance wire feeding, and can meet the demand and automatic welding machine hand;


Cable force of wire products company


Welding is the welding filler metal or at the same time as as a conductive metal wire, it is a new type of welding materials, welding materials compared with traditional, has high production efficiency, easy to realize the continuous, automatic welding, the welding deformation is small wait for a characteristic.Mainly used for large-scale equipment and machinery welding.The welding method can be divided into: automatic submerged arc welding, electroslag welding wire, welding wire, welding wire, gas shielded welding wire.According to the manufacturing method and the shape of the structure can be divided into different solid core welding wire and flux cored wire.

Shandong cable force of welding material limited company produces wire true core welding wire, gas shielded welding wire (mainly include SLD-80, SLD-70, SLD-60, ER50-6, ER49-1), submerged arc welding wire (including H08A, H10Mn2, H10MnSi, H08MnA, H08Mn2SiA, H08MnMoA, H05M).Gas shielded welding wire is used with gases such as carbon dioxide, an inert gas such as the dielectric arc and arc and weld gas shielded arc welding is a welding wire, mainly used in automobile, train, ship, container, motorcycle, engineering machinery, mining machinery, agricultural machinery, construction machinery, electrical equipment and other industries of low carbon steel, low alloy steel, high strength low alloy steel welding.Submerged arc welding wire is of arc in the solder layer combustion were used for the welding of welding wire, mainly used for boilers, pressure vessels, bridges, vehicles, machinery, shipbuilding and other industries carbon steel, low carbon steel, low alloy steel welding.