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​​​​​​Welding Wire Safety Operation Regulations


In order to ensure the safety of welding wire during storage, handling and use, and avoid personal injury or property loss, please carefully understand and abide by the following safety precautions:

1. During the storage of welding wire, the warehouse should be kept dry to avoid rain or damp and rust.

2. Forklifts must be used to transport the whole pallet. During the transportation, the speed of the vehicle should be controlled to prevent the welding wire from tipping over and hurting people or breaking the welding wire due to bumps. When handling a single coil of welding wire, care should be taken to handle it with care, hold it firmly, and avoid squeezing your hands and smashing your feet.

3. During use, it is strictly forbidden to directly touch the surface of the welding wire with hands, and clean gloves must be worn when necessary.

4. Wear protective glasses when threading silk or handling messy silk, and keep your face away from the severed head to prevent personal injuries such as piercing eyes or skin.

5. The welding place should be equipped with ventilation facilities to ensure good ventilation and avoid personal injury caused by smoke pollution.

6. Welding spatter will burn the skin, and the arc light of the welding wire will cause damage to the glasses. Before welding, labor protection equipment and a welding mask should be worn.

7. The welding process should prevent electric shock accidents and avoid personal injury.

8. The temperature of the test piece or product after welding is high, so direct contact with the human body should be avoided.

9. After welding, a small amount of welding slag will remain on the surface of the weld seam, and the welding slag will fly out of the workpiece when it cools down. Pay attention to protection when observing the weld seam.



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Cable force of welding Knowledge Q & A - welding process


1 what is the welding conditions?

What does it have?Answer: when welding the surrounding conditions, including: parent material, plate thickness, the bevel shape, the form of joint, the restrained status, environmental temperature and humidity, cleanliness and according to the above factors which determine the wire (or rod) type and diameter, welding current, voltage, welding speed, welding sequence, welding method, carry gun (or operation) method.

What is 2 welded joint?Basic form has several?

Answer: with the method of welding joint of.Welded joint, including weld fusion zone and heat affected zone three part.The basic form: Joint butt, angle, overlap and T type connection.

What is 3 penetration?

Answer: in the cross section of the welded joint, the parent material melting depth.

What is 4 welding position?There are several forms?

Answer: welding, welding seam 's location.A flat welding, welding, welding and welding Yang form.

5 what is the vertical downward welding and welding upward?

Answer: '1' vertical welding, arc welding, from top to bottom is called vertical downward welding.Such as: cellulose electrode for vertical down welding; CO2 vertical down welding etc..'2' vertical welding, arc from below upward welding - called vertical welding.

6 what is the welded structure?

Answer: by welding connecting steel structure called the welding structure.

7 why to groove welding?

Answer: preparation - - according to the design or process requirements, weldment to be welded parts processing into certain shape, is formed after the assembly groove.In order to weld penetration and reduce section fusion ratio; common groove forms: I, V, Y, X, U, K, J etc.

8 why for some materials to preheating before welding?

Answer: in order to slow the weldments after cooling speed, to prevent the cold crack.

9 Why for some welding components to heat treatment after welding?

Answer: in order to eliminate welding residual stress and improve the microstructure and properties of welded joint of.

10 why to develop before welding welding procedure specification?

Answer: assure welding quality on five control link: man, machine, material, method, central.

People - welders operating skills and experience

Machine welding equipment with high performance and stability

Material and welding material of high quality

Method - the correct welding procedures and standardized operation

Ring - the good environment of the welding operations

Welding on welding test and welding procedure evaluation, making the welding procedure is "Regulations", is the important factor to ensure quality of welding.

11 why welding before the parent metal surface treatment processing?

Answer: welding groove and the surface if the oil (paint), water, rust and other impurities, melting into in the weld, slag inclusion, blowholes, cracks and other defects of welding joints, to bring the hazards and risks.

What is 12 wire melting coefficient?

Answer: wire melting coefficient is the unit of unit current wire melting rate.(g / Ah)Wire finer and finer, the melting coefficient is bigger, the higher the efficiency of both.

What is 13 welding parameters?

Answer: when welding, the welding quality is ensured and the selected various physical quantities (such as: the welding current, arc voltage, welding speed, energy etc.).

What is 14 welding current?

Answer: when welding, the welding current flowing through the loop, generally with the ampere (A) said.

15 what is the arc voltage?

Answer: the arc ends (two electrodes) between the voltage drop, generally use volts (V) said.

16 what is the welding speed?

Answer: unit time to complete the weld length, generally with the cm / min (cm / min) said.

17 what is a stem elongation?

Answer: welding, welding wire end from the tip end of the distance.

18 what is welding line energy?

Answer: welding, the welding heat source is input to the unit length of weld heat input energy, also known as the "".General use J / cm (J / cm) said.

19 what is the weld metal fusion ratio?

Answer: welding, melting portion of the mother material in the weld metal in proportion.

20 what is the weld shape coefficient?

Answer: welding, in single channel cross section of weld on weld width and weld thickness ratio.

21 what is left to the welding process?

Answer: welding, welding torch welding seam by the right end moves to the left side of the welding method.Gas protection effect is good, beautiful welding seam.CO2, TIG welding are left to the welding method; MIG welding aluminum must be left to the welding process.

22 what is the right to the welding process?

Answer: welding, welding torch welding seam from left to right end mobile welding method.

23 why the welded joint is welded structure weak link?

Answer: because the weld joint organization exists and properties of inhomogeneity, also there are some welding defects, there is a high tensile residual stress of welded joints of welded structure; so is the weak link in the.

24 why can be obtained through process quality welding joints?

Answer: to improve the quality of welding joint, can from the following ways: the correct matching of welding materials, using reasonable welding process, control the fusion ratio, adjusting welding thermal cycle characteristics, the use of reasonable operation method and groove design, supplemented by preheating, interlayer insulation and slow cooling, heat and other measures, or post weld heat processing method, access to high quality welded joints.


Why CO2 welding electrode arc welding than low comprehensive cost?


1.Why CO2 welding electrode arc welding than low comprehensive cost?

Answer: '1' groove cross-sectional area decreases 36-54%, save the filler metal quantity;

'2' to reduce power consumption 65.4%;

'3' equipment rent fees over the electrode arc welding of 67-80% reduction, reduce the cost of 20-40%;

'4' to reduce artificial cost, time cost, reduce the cost of 10-16%;

'5' to save auxiliary time, material consumption and rectify the distorted fee;

Integrated five, CO2 welding is applied to reduce the total cost of 39.6-78.7%, reduce 59% in average.


Wire based knowledge?


1、why CO2 welding arc welding efficiency than high?

Answer: '1' CO2 welding is welding rod arc welding melting rate and melting coefficient high 1-3 times;

'2' groove cross section than the electrode deposited metal is reduced by 50%, reduce the amount of 1 / 2;

'3' auxiliary time is shielded metal arc welding process 50%.

Three aggregate: CO2 welding efficiency and the welding arc welding is increased compared with multiples of 2.02--3.88 times

2 why the welded joints of CO2 than the electrode arc welding of the welding joint is of good quality?

Answer: CO2 weld heat affected zone of small, small welding deformation; CO2 weld hydrogen content is low (< 1.6ML / 100g), porosity and crack tendency; CO2 weld forming, surface and internal defects of less, flaw detection qualified rate is higher than the electrode arc welding.