Occupy the market with the brand to win users in good faith

Products are widely used in automobile, bullet train, ship, construction machinery, pressure vessel, coal mine machinery, electric power equipment and other manufacturing industries in many fields. The company has more than 1,500 direct suppliers and dealers in China, and a number of well-known domestic manufacturing enterprises.


Welding wire famous special China cable force

The main products include gas shielded welding wire, submerged arc welding wire, flux, flux-cored welding wire, stainless steel welding wire and other hundreds of varieties and specifications series, and the comprehensive production capacity is 400,000 tons.


Based on the domestic to the world

The company has passed the quality system certification, environmental management system certification, occupational health and safety management system certification, through the EU CE, DB, VdTUV and multinational classification society certification.

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Shandong Solide welding material Co., LTD

Specializing in welding wire research and development, production and sales of modern private enterprises

Shandong Solide Welding Material Co., Ltd. is a modern private enterprise specializing in welding wire research and development, production and sales, a national high-tech enterprise, a listed enterprise on the New Three Board, and an executive director unit of the China Welding Association. 


Founded in 1996

80 million+

Registered capital

1500 +

Direct suppliers and dealers


Current capacity of welding wire

50 +

Marketing countries and regions


Products six series hundreds of varieties

Product center

Welding wire products have formed gas welding wire, submerged arc welding wire, argon arc welding wire, weathering steel wire, flux-cored wire, stainless steel wire six series hundreds of varieties.









Enterprise strength

The company has passed ISO9001 international quality system certification, ISO14001 environmental management system certification, ISO45001 occupational health and safety management system certification, EU CE, DB, TUV certification; China (CCS), the United States (ABS), Japan (NK), Germany (GL), the United Kingdom (LR), France (BV), Canada Welding Board (CWB) and other national classification society certification.

Enterprise qualification

In 2007, the company was identified as "high-tech enterprises in Shandong Province", in 2008, the establishment of enterprise technology research and development center, has invested more than 20 million yuan to increase the configuration of advanced equipment, the purchase of testing, laboratory, inspection equipment, the introduction of high-end technical personnel


Equipment display

Welding wire products are easy to achieve continuous welding, especially suitable for robot automation, intensive production, with low cost, high efficiency, stable welding performance and other advantages


Quality assurance

In recent years, the company has continuously strengthened the quality management, effectively improved the management and economic benefits, and further enhanced the ability of sustainable development. In 2013, it won the nomination award of Tai 'an City Mayor Quality Award


News trends

Here, you can learn about the latest news and hot information of the industry as soon as possible

Solid labor union conducts safety knowledge quiz

In order to further deepen the company's employees' learning of the group company's safety documents and our company's safety documents, from April 25th to 27th, the Solid trade union carried out a safety knowledge contest in the production workshop. The safety knowledge competition adopts the method of drawing questions on the spot and answering them on the spot, and rewards the correct answerers immediately.

Solid labor union held a sports activity to celebrate "May 1st"

The Solid trade union held the "May 1st" employee sports activities to activate the festive atmosphere and enrich the employees' amateur cultural life. On April 27, when the "May 1st" festival was approaching, the Solid trade union held a celebration Activity.

Zhang Li went to Shandong Solid Solder Co., Ltd. for research and guidance

On June 6, Zhang Li, secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, went to Shandong Solid Solder Co., Ltd. to investigate and guide the development of special metal materials. He emphasized that it is necessary to seize development opportunities, strengthen innovation leadership, continuously promote industrial transformation and upgrading, continuously improve the core competitiveness of enterprises, and make every effort to build a research and development production base for China's welding consumables industry.