SLDY551T1-W2 Flux Cored Welding Wire
  • SLDY551T1-W2 Flux Cored Welding Wire

SLDY551T1-W2 Flux Cored Welding Wire

SLDY551T1-W2 belongs to the CO2 gas shielded flux cored welding wire of the rutile slag system. It can be welded in all positions with excellent welding process, beautiful weld formation, easy slag removal, small splashing, high deposition rate of metal, and excellent comprehensive mechanical properties. The weld metal has good plasticity and low-temperature toughness.

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1SLDSJ112 is a fluorine alkali alkaline sintered flux, with gray white circular particles, particle size of 10-60 mesh, and alkalinity of 2.6. It is made from powders such as silicate, carbonate, fluoride, metal oxide, and iron alloy through processes such as balling, low-temperature drying, and high-temperature sintering. The performance of the flux can replace Lincoln's 801 flux in the United States, with beautiful weld formation, smooth surface, no slag inclusion, porosity, and cracks, and good welding process.


SLDSJ601 is an alkaline sintered flux for submerged arc welding of stainless steel and heat-resistant steel, with a particle size of 3.0-0.28mm (10-60 mesh). It is used for direct current welding and welding to the positive rod. Stable arc combustion, easy slag removal, beautiful weld formation, and excellent intergranular corrosion resistance of weld metal.


SLDSJ609 is a fluorine alkali type high alkalinity low hydrogen sintered flux with an alkalinity of about 2.2. The flux is circular particles with a particle size of 2.0-0.28mm (10-60 mesh). Adopting DC power supply, welding wire connected to positive rod, excellent welding process performance, stable arc, excellent slag removal performance, and beautiful welding formation. The weld seam has excellent crack resistance and high low-temperature impact toughness.


SLDSJ603W is a fluorine-alkali alkaline (B ≈ 2.0) sintered flux, with spherical particles and particle size of 2.0-0.28mm (10-60 mesh). It is used for both AC and DC purposes, with stable arc stability, good high-temperature slag removal performance, and strong resistance to porosity. The flux contains deoxidizers and alloying agents, and the weld seam has excellent low-temperature impact toughness.

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